Links to the (Old) Foundational Articles

Links to (Old Outdated) Foundational Articles, etc.: 
(These are old thoughts, no longer representative of my new understandings, but a few things carry over)  

*Prelude: the Fundamental Principles of Joseph Smith's Egyptian
*Introduction: What are the Basics of this Theory about the Book of Abraham?
*Part 1: Three-Dimensional Tokens: The Origin of Writing, Numbers and Board Games
*Part 2: The Egyptian Games of Senet and Mehen, and their Ritual Significance
*Part 3: Dance of Letters: What are Letter Puzzles and Word Games?
*Part 4: Letter Puzzles, Word Games and Number Games among Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Jews
*Part 5: The Association of Senet and Mehen to Prayer Circles, Ring Dances and Zodiacs
*Part 6: The Association of the Senet Game to Book of Abraham Facsimile #1
*Part 7: The Association of the Mehen Game to Book of Abraham Facsimile #2
*Part 8: Sensen or Book of Breathings: What Manner of Document?
*Part 9: The Egyptian Moon Gods and their connection to Calendars and Writing
*Part 10: The Abecedaria and the Zodiacs and the Dancers of Senet: Dynamic Written Characters
*Part 11: The Sensen Papyrus as a Source for Characters in Derived Word Puzzle Compositions
*Part 12: A Missing Papyrus? The Reconstruction Efforts of Joseph Smith of the Original
*Part 13: Another Dimension: Dictionaries, Legends, Abstractions and Codes
*Part 14: The Kirtland Egyptian Papers and Facsimiles Explanations: Ancient Code Tables

Articles on Joseph Smith's "Egyptian Counting," Identified as Indo-Arabic/Hieratic-derived characters, and vocalizations that derive from Indo-Iranian and Sino-Tibetan:
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4