Sunday, March 4, 2018

Lion Symbol Associated with Killing and Knives

Richard Graves writes:

The . . . woman is the Lion-goddess Cyrene, or Hepatu the Hittite, or Anatha of Syra, or Hera the Lion-goddess of Mycenae, and her partner is the sacred king, who is due to die under the midsummer sign of Leo, emblemized by a knife in the Egyptian Zodiac.  Like Thesus or Heracles, he wears a lion mask and skin, and is animated by the spirit of the dead lion, his predecessor, which appear to be a bee . . . (The Greek Myths: Complete Edition, p. 280)
It is interesting to note that in the Book of Abraham, Abraham himself is laying on a Lion Couch, ready to be sacrificed by a false priest, who holds a knife, in a scene that some Egyptologists insist is only an embalming scene, but which the Book of Abraham insists can also be a sacrificial scene.

In one of my articles, I note how the name Abraham is also connected to the word Deseret, and bees, and other insects related to bees: