Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Symbolic or Pictographic Usage of Written Language is a productive system for a Seer to Leverage

I am coming to understand a few things about the nature of pictographic systems of writing and the possibility that the Book of Abraham recension we presently have came to us as pictographic usage of the Sensen Papyrus as catalyst.

Perhaps a pictographic and symbolic usage of symbols is the basis of some systems that in the beginning may have been associated with whatever the Adamic written language was, and perhaps this is a manifestation of the principles similar to it in the scriptures as well as in the Sensen Papyrus, etc. as some things may have been retained in Egypt from the beginning

And as I stated in previous posts, it would take someone like a Seer to see it, if they are not familiar with the context a pictographic document is being used in.  Similarly, a symbol in the scriptures such as the "beast" of Revelation, or 666 as an example, could be used in this fashion.  It paints a picture in words, and if one shows a picture of a beast with 666 or something, it becomes a pictographic representation of what is described in the Revelation text.  The Revelation text is descriptive in such a way that it is describing something like a Facsimile of the Book of Abraham.  The figures in it that are described to us in the text are as abstract as the Egyptian figures in the Book of Abraham Facsimiles and in the Sensen Text, and only become interpreted correctly by knowing the mind of the author.  Or in other words, the actual symbols are so abstract, one must have something like the Holy Ghost, or an interpretive key in order to know the intent.
The notion that a seer is able to interpret something pictographic because of access to other people's intents for those symbols by way of the Holy Ghost is important.  Some words for this that might be descriptive are to describe it as a "sealed," "spiritual," or "symbolic" way of doing things.  But as I said before, its like using a cryptographic hash to be a symbol for the thing that it was derived from.  There is no data in the hash, only a fingerprint from what it was derived from.

Someone can become a seer (with a small S) without being a Seer (with a captial S), i.e. someone with the calling of Prophet, Seer and Revelator.  Someone that is a regular member of the Church can get revelation of the Holy Ghost on the usage of symbols in these contexts, if the Lord is willing to give that information.  We cannot assume that he always will, so it is important to be careful.