Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is Said to be Impossible is Most Likely a Mystery to be Solved by Enough Work and Data

I found this article interesting.  I will quote a little bit from it:

There's news this week of an "impossible" triple star system recently discovered by astronomers. One that "defies known physics." Needless to say, there's no need to abandon physics quite yet.

It all comes from a new paper being published in MNRAS titled "KIC 2856960: the impossible triple star." Despite the overly-hyped title, it is interesting work. It's based upon data gathered from the Kepler satellite . . .

What the team found was that the more they looked at the data for KIC 2856960, the more confusing things got. At first glance it looks like a triple star system, but when they tested candidate orbits, none of them seemed to fit. Several of them kind of fit, but there was always some unexplained fluctuation in the data. So the team tried other models, and found a 4-star system that basically worked, but it required the orbits one binary system to be in exact resonance with the other, which seems highly unlikely.

In other words, the Kepler data is inconclusive. It could be a strange 4-star system, or it could be a triple-star system with something else buried in the data. We can't be certain at this point. This does not make KIC 2856960 an "impossible" system. There's no evidence that it is defying known physics, just that the data is odd and we don't understand it.

And that in itself makes it interesting. It is clear that this system is not a simple, boring triple system. It's a mystery at the moment, but it's a mystery that could be solved with more work and more data. And that makes it a mission possible. (http://phys.org/news/2014-09-impossible-triple-star-kic.html)

Similarly, I would like to apply this same type of logic here.   What is actually going on in the Sensen Papyrus to actually be something Abrahamic like Joseph Smith claimed it was is not "impossible."  It just needs the right amount of work and enough data to demonstrate what it is.  What is needed is people with the right attitudes and enough patience to see things through.