Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Egyptian "Games" of Senet and Mehen, and the Egyptian Calendar

In previous posts, I had noted the connections between Facsimile #1 and Facsimile #2 of the Book of Abraham and the Egyptian games of Senet and Mehen.  I noted how Facsimile #1 and the vertical columns around it were an "Egyptian Alphabet" tied to the Egyptian Lunar Calendar, and the tradition of the Zodiacs and other calendrical or astronomical sign lists.  One of these astronomical sign lists or calendars was the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet, from whence all Semitic abjads and other alphabets around the world evolved.  And so, I maintain that there is a close connection between the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet and the sign list surrounding Facsimile #1 in the columns of the Sensen Papyrus.  As more evidence for this point of view, I offer this quote, referring to the game of Senet:

It is thought by some that the board was originally designed as a calendar, tracking the 30 days of the Egyptian month -- and only later did it develop into a game. It apparently evolved farther, still, as over time it became so much a part of the warp and woof of Egyptian life that it entered into the realm of religious practice: it seems to have been thought that a game played with unknown forces shortly after death would determine whether the dead would get to enter a peaceful eternity or not, as depicted in many murals within tombs showing the deceased playing the game against an unseen opponent. (