Thursday, May 14, 2015

Muhlstien's Position on the Transformation of Egyptian Figures to Semitic Ones in the "Greek Magical Papyri"

Back in 2013, the Book of Abraham blog did a review of Kerry Muhlstien's article that noted that the Egyptian priests that wrote the so-called "Greek Magical Papyri" were transforming Egyptian figures into Semitic ones, like Osiris into Abraham and so forth and so on.  As I have said again and again in this blog, these are the priests that were into Syncretism, the Syncretists that I believe were responsible for the iconotropy in the Book of Abraham.  Again, the difference between Muhlstien's position and mine has to do with the fact that Muhlstien and other Book of Abraham scholars only believe that the FACSIMILES pictures were transformed in this way.  I say that all the figures, even the so-called text or alphabetic characters were transformed as well into little pictures and used pictographically.

Here is the review of Muhlstien's work on that blog:

And here is the link to Muhlstien's article:

Remember, there are actually several separate ancient contexts we are dealing with in these complex matters.  The first one is the ancient context of the Sensen Papyrus (and the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar which manifests translations of that papyrus).  That ancient context is from the Greco-Roman time period sometimes, because of the time period that these Egyptians of the Greek Magical Papyri tradition came from (which are the same people that interpreted our Sensen Papyrus this way).

The second is the Ancient Context manifest in the "Egyptian Counting" sections of the KEP where the linguistic analysis of these numerals and their vocalizations manifest this weird Himalayan/Indian geographic connection where the Indo-Iranian and Sino-Tibetan language families overlap (because the numerals are of the Indo-Arabic family, and the vocalizations are a mix of Indo-Iranian and Sino-Tibetan).  What are we to make of this?  Did the Egyptian Syncretist Priests of the Greek Magical Papyri tradition have dealings with ancient Gurus in the Himalayas because of Silk Road ties?

The third is the Ancient Context of the Book of Abraham, which actually goes back to the time of Abraham.