Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Resources for the Concept of Substitution in Algebra and Computer Science: Essentially similar to Iconotropy, Adaptation, Incarnation, Proxies, etc.

Here are some resources to the concept of substitution in Computer Science and Algebra.  This is essentially a similar concept I have been talking about on various parts of my blog where a symbol is abstract until it is given an assignment of value.  This is also essentially similar to what has been called Iconotropy, Adaptation, Incarnation, etc.  Each one of these terms refers to almost the same thing, except looking at it from different angles.  In Mormonism, in the temple, we call an instance of the usage of this principle a "proxy" where someone stands in for another person, enacting something, performing something in place of someone else, or where a person acts as a symbol and takes upon him a different identity.  The mantle or office of the prophet is a similar idea, where one prophet succeeds another, with the passing of the mantle, where succeeding prophets act in a certain capacity that a former person occupying that office acted.  The idea of name-titles is also similar, such as with an "Elias" when someone acts in the capacity of a preparer of the way, etc.  This is sometimes a name of a person, but more often, the name of something that describes a role someone is playing, as if an actor in a play, or something like that.







These ideas are all fundamentally simiar to what is happening with the characters in the Sensen Papyrus, and why the Sensen Papyrus is the Book of Abraham.