Monday, December 8, 2014

David Bokovoy Interview on Radio West

A poster on the LDS Freedom Forum brought this to my attention.

Above is the link to the interview.  I've said it before.  I respect Brother Bokovoy.  I do not believe in claims of a pseudepigraphic nature of the Book of Abraham.  I believe the Book of Abraham is a literal translation of an ancient document written on papyrus by Abraham by his own hand.

The Sensen Papyrus is not that.  The original Book of Abraham Papyrus disappeared in ancient times.  The Sensen Papyrus is another papyrus that Joseph Smith had in his hands, that other people used as Abrahamic material.

So I only agree with Brother Bokovoy on the fact that there is no missing papyrus.  That means that Joseph Smith never had the papyrus that Abraham wrote.  That actual, literal papyrus was lost anciently or hidden up.  I do not agree with the rest of Brother Bokovoy's positions.

His statement that the Facsimiles are "reinterpretations" of "prophetic midrash" is interesting.  Because he is saying that the Egyptian characters are reinterpretations.  This concept of reinterpretation or reappropriation is iconotropy, as I and many other LDS researchers have mentioned.  However, in saying it is prophetic midrash, Bokovoy is again making this into pseudepigrapha, the idea that Abraham never wrote this book himself.  Contrary to Bokovoy, they are reinterpretations, but ancient ones.  And in the process of translating the Secondary Intent of the Sensen Papyrus, Joseph Smith recovered the text of the literal, ancient Book of Abraham, authored by Abraham, a literal, ancient person.