Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Phaistos Disk as a Game connected to Senet, Mehen and Facsimile #2

It turns out that an article appeared in the online journal Popular Archaeology, that I was unaware of until now.  It was posted there in December of 2012.  An author named Peter Aleff makes the proposal that the Phaistos disk is a game much like Senet or Mehen.  He is the author of the book Solomon's Sky: The Religious Board Game on the Phaistos Disk.  Researchers continue to try to translate the characters on the disk.  The author in question shows evidence that the disk is a STAR CHART mapping the northern sky.  I have already noted the connections between the game Mehen and Facsimle #2 of the Book of Abraham in previous posts.  Now, the Phaistos disk is clearly connected to Facsimile #2.  I argue that the center of Facsimile #2 of the Book of Abraham represents not only Kolob, but also the North Star from a geocentric point of view.  The cosmology of the Phaistos disk has the same geocentric cosmology of the ancients.

He connects the game of Senet to the Greek labyrinth.  That makes some sense to me.

And then this too:

This other author tries to connect the Phaistos Disk directly with Mehen, not directly with Senet.  Either way it works for me.