Friday, April 4, 2014

Joseph Smith's Lack of Egyptological Understanding Predisposed Him to be Able to Translate

Suppose for a moment that Joseph Smith had NOT been in the environment of Pre-Champollion-Rosetta-Stone-ized America.  And suppose for a moment that instead, Joseph Smith had grown up in 21st Century America where many people are able to read Egyptological, Mechanical Egyptian.  Suppose for a moment that an individual like Professor Seixas, the Jewish Professor that taught him Hebrew, had been around, but had also taught Joseph Smith Egyptological Egyptian.  Joseph Smith would have been biased ahead of time against seeing in the Sensen Papyrus and in the Book of the Dead Papyrus the things that he saw.  Because of his LACK of understanding about Egyptological, Mechanical Egyptian, he was able to see what he saw.  That kind of an understanding that we have in our day about Egyptological Egyptian would have been an IMPEDIMENT to the Book of Abraham being translated correctly.  It is precisely BECAUSE he had no such understanding that he was able to open his mind to get the revelation on the System of Interpretation that he was able to get.  Therefore, Joseph Smith's lack of understanding on such matters was actually a BLESSING to us.  And the Lord's timing for when precise Egyptological knowledge came to America is perfect.