Saturday, April 12, 2014

Constellations, Zodiacs, Alphabets and Abraham

I have done quite a bit of research to demonstrate the plausibility of the connections between Constellation sign lists and the Alphabet.  The research is ongoing, and demonstrates that some things between Zodiacs and the most ancient of Alphabets can be definitively linked and others are more elusive.  The point was not to link up each and every letter with some particular Zodiac.  The main point was to demonstrate that the most ancient of Alphabets, both Egyptian (the Uniliteral, Biliteral and Triliteral phonetic signs) and the Proto-Sinaitic, belong to a genre or type of sign list that was anciently associated with calendars and constellations and the stars in general.  This demonstrates the plausibility that the alphabets were originally derived from sign lists of this type.  Since Abraham concerned himself with the stars, it makes sense that he was also associated with alphabets.  And this is why, the Sensen Papyrus, being an alphabet (sign list) and being that it is associated with other alphabets, was associated with Abraham.  This is why in the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar, there is such a great amount of association of various characters with astronomical themes.