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Ki-Abra-Oam-Zub-Zool-Oan, Abraham 1:2-3, and Wsir-Wr ("Osiris the Great")

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Even though this was originally taken from the columns, the copy of it in the Book of Abraham Manuscript margin above, as you can see, it is the third character down.  In other words, this was one of the characters Joseph Smith was using to fill in the lacuna.  Chris Smith prepared a graphic here, where he put them in order that they appear in the Book of Abraham Manuscript:

As you can see, the first one going from right to left on the top line here is the W or Reed character.  Next is the comma-looking W or Rope coil character.  And then, this character appears as the third character in the order Joseph Smith put them in.  But as I said, this is originally one of the characters in the Sensen Papyrus in the columns surrounding Facsimile #1.

As is shown in this post, Ed Ashment identified it:

It is Usiwer (Wsir-wr), the name of the father of Hor, the owner of the papyrus:


Here is the drawing of the character from the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar:


Here is the location of the figure on the Sensen Papyrus (encircled in red):

(See Ed Ashment's treatment of this character at

Wsir-Wr means "Osiris the Great."  Joseph Smith translated this as "Ki-Abra-oam-Zub-Zool-Oan."  It was one of the compound characters that he dissected into pieces, and translated each piece, as I described previously in previous blog posts, like for example the Wedjat Eye that is dissected into its pieces, and where each piece is a separate fraction mathematically.  This character shows once again that Joseph Smith has correctly identified this as the name of the person on the Lion Couch, which is Osiris, since he identifies it as Abraham, and its dissections as being how Abraham describes himself in Abraham 1:2-3.  Joseph Smith "plugged in" the identification of Abraham, using Osiris as the symbol for him, according to the intent of the ancient interpreters.  Once again, Joseph Smith scores 100% on the identification of this symbol.  Joseph Smith translated the various sections of this character in the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar as this, which now appears in Abraham 1:23:

". . . having been myself a follower of righteousness, desiring also to be one who possessed great knowledge, and to be a greater follower of righteousness, and to possess a greater knowledge, and to be a father of many nations, a prince of peace, and desiring to receive instructions, and to keep the commandments of God, I became a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the right belonging to the fathers. It was conferred upon me from the fathers; it came down from the fathers, from the beginning of time, yea, even from the beginning, or before the foundation of the earth, down to the present time, even the right of the firstborn, or the first man, who is Adam, or first father, through the fathers unto me."

Chris Smith demonstrated the dependence of these verses on the translations in the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar for this character.

As Ed Ashment showed, in the Egyptian Alphabet, the hieratic W (the symbol that looks like a comma), signifying Abraham, was seen as a component part of this character.  The left part of the Wsir-Wr character that was drawn this way:


Was also drawn this way (a little exaggerated, perhaps to show its component pieces better):


And it was dissected this way, after the same manner as the Wedjat eye is dissected, as we had discussed in a previous post:


Until finally, we have the hieratic W, which was represented as the right-most portion of the Wsir-Wr character.:


And so, now in summary, as you can see Joseph Smith is telling us that (1) the Egyptian character Wsir-Wr represents Abrahamic information, (2) this character is a composite, just like the Wedjat eye is a compisite, and (3) the piece of it that represents the hieratic W represents Abraham as well, and W is the initial of Wsir, the name of Osiris, the person on the lion couch, who Joseph Smith identified as Abraham.  These are all not just bullseyes.  They are VERY Egyptian.  It seems that the Anti-Mormons are not really paying attention to what is really going on here.