Friday, January 17, 2014

Ed Ashment's Article about Joseph Smith's Identification of "Abraham" in the Sensen Papyrus

If this gets moved or taken down, here is the web archive copy:

This one is another copy of essentially the same article from a different site:

Here is a web archive copy of this too:

These links are to Ed Ashment's Article Joseph Smith's Identification of "Abraham" in Papyrus JS 1, the "Breathing Permit of Hor"

The online article version has a slightly different title than the Dialogue article but has essentially the same information.

I, of course, believe that Ashment is somewhat on track for his analysis of the evidence.  However, like all critics, he is wrong about the central premise.  They claim Joseph Smith could not translate.  They claim he was not a prophet.  I say he could translate.  I say that he was a prophet.  So, this is not about my disagreement about the nature of the evidence, but rather, the interpretation of the evidence.